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organic baby and toddler bedding
Benefits of wool bedding for baby and children

  • Natural, undyed, untreated wool provides warm natural protection for your child
  • Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Wool naturally deters dust mites
  • Wool is breathable, natural, renewable and has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp and readily dissipates this moisture
  • Wool is naturally water resistant
  • Wool will not readily retain odors, allowing prolonged use between washes
  • The breathability characteristics of wool help to maintain normal body temperature for your child, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Wool can provide a natural and effective barrier between your child and a conventional vinyl mattress creating a more natural and healthier sleeping environment
  • All our bedding is custom made using only the highest quality natural organic fabrics and fibers. We have spent a comprehensive amount of time and effort researching and sourcing our materials thereby providing products which are guaranteed to provide a very healthy and safe resting and sleeping environment for your baby and toddler.
    organic felted change pad
    eco wool pad
    These 100% pure wool felted puddle pads are individually hand made. They are very absorbent and free of bleaches or other unnatural chemical residue. They measure 20" x 30" and are 3/8" thick. This dimension is approximate and the shape may vary slightly due their handmade nature.

    Perfect for co-sleeping families and ECers our thick and thirsty wool pads are perfect for protecting your mattress. A natural and healthier alternative to plastic or vinyl pads. These have become an indispensable item for the nursery and are very popular as a changing pad.

    Felted the old fashion way using a hand press. The wool is gently washed, rinsed, carded and then felted. Minimal processing means you will notice tiny bits of hay or grass in your pad. You simply won't find pads of this quality anywhere else! Made in Canada with Canadian wool.
    $35.00 Each
    melton wool mattress pad
    We have a full sized crib melton wool puddle pad which provides a natural leak proof barrier between your sheets and mattress or topper. This wool pad has all the same features inherent to the felted natural wool pads. This pad can also be used in bed for nursing moms who may have occasional leakage and also for co-sleepers.

    Measuring 28" x 52" this is the same size as a standard crib mattress.
    $50.00 each

    Melton pads Currently sold out ... please inquire about other wool pads we now have available

    wool filled crib topper
    Our wool filled crib topper is made with a 100% certified organic unbleached Hemp/Cotton twill and filled with 100% pure natural wool. Hand tufted with natural unbleached cotton yarn. This topper is made to fit standard crib and toddler sized beds measuring 28" x 52". This topper provides a snuggly warm cushion between your baby or toddler and over firm mattresses. It can also be used as a sleep pad for nap times.

    It is recommended that a wool puddle pad be used between this and the cover sheets for leak protection.
    $140.00 each
    natural wool toddler duvet
    Our wool filled crib duvet is made with 100% pure natural wool inside and a 100% organic unbleached cotton ticking outer shell. Hand tufted with natural unbleached cotton yarn. This wool crib duvet is pure natural at it's finest. This duvet is sized to 35" x 53" with a minimum 1.5 lbs of lofty carded wool batting inside.
    $100.00 each


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