Turn A New Leaf

We are a family living in the Highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, eking out an existence in harmony with our natural surroundings and forging a path guided by our strong convictions to help enhance and respect the natural world we live in. Early in 2012 we acquired a 10 acre parcel of forested land on the southern slope of MacMillan Mountain. We’ve carefully opened just over an acre among the trees to provide a place for the completed shed/shop and for our off-grid natural Passivhaus which is still undergoing refinements and where we have resided since early 2017. With careful, conscious and respectful foresight we will develop our little piece of paradise into an exemplary natural and sustainable home. We live completely off-grid utilizing the energy from the sun which provides for all our electrical energy needs.

Turn A New Leaf is the combined inspiration and passion of Henry Krieger and Tracey Marsh towards a healthier and more realistic sustainable future. We dedicate our time and effort in creating and providing natural products inspired by elegant simplicity, functionality and superb craftsmanship. All our work embraces the principles of conservation, durability, natural health and sustainability. Here you will find a diverse range of handmade products which will enhance a healthier home, community and planet.

Turn A new Leaf is our place for sharing the passion and confidence we have in our products with you. We provide items that combine many years of dedicated experience in creating and designing our products with the passion of sourcing exclusively sustainable raw materials.